How to become a Adjudicator

How to become a Adjudicator?

We are aware that there are many qualified, capable and enthusiastic people willing to become Adjudicator under Noble World Records Platform, so why is it so difficult to 'break into' the Adjudicator community and become an active Adjudicator?

The main reason is because it is always up to the editor/directors to select the Adjudicator they wish to handle a proper review process of record attempt.

Editors/Directors usually select Adjudicators based on a few criteria:

  • Qualifications (Any degree)
  • Whether they have exprience before
  • The number of events/seminars conducted in their area of expertise
  • How well you are interacting with people & with editorial board members
  • Recommendations from NWR Editorial Members they know or have worked with

How to conduct a review?

When you make a recommendation to Noble World Records, it is worth considering the categories the editor will likely use for classifying the records attempt. Below steps has to follow by Adjudicator or any review panel members:

Job in Noble World Records

Getting involved in the Noble World Records review process can be a highly rewarding experience that can also improve your own research and help to further your career. Please download application form or you fill it in online.