Roles and Responsibilities of Editorial Board


  • The editors will have full authority to determine the editorial content of the Noble World Records (NWR) (or) Noble Book of World Records and will be responsible for the accuracy.
  • He/She will review the work of the Editorial Board closely and regularly, and make recommendations arising from the review.
  • He/She will oversee the timely publication of the Noble Book of World Records.
  • He/She will chair all the meetings of the Editorial Board.
  • The editor will appoint, in consultation with the Regional Directors, members who are capable of maintaining the highest editorial standards in accordance with the terms of reference.
  • The editor will provide a forum for members of the Editorial Board to supply and discuss ideas for the development of the Noble World Records
  • The editor will also liaise with the publishing Director of the Noble World Records
  • The changes suggested in the journal by the editor will be considered as final
  • The Regional Directors, National Directors, Sports Directors & State Directors is expected to

    • Develop the NWR content of the book each year
    • Comment and advise on the NWR policies, in consultation with the editor
    • Establish, maintain and interpret record holders and Adjudicator guidelines
    • He/ She must regularly interact and co-ordinate the entire process of NWR with the record holders, organizers & Event management companies.
    • The Witness form copy must be submitted in soft or hard format to the NWR office and the editors after attempting any sort of record.
    • The National Directors always collaborate with regional directors and state directors collaborate with National Directors.

    An Adjudicator is someone who presides, judges, and arbitrates during a attempting Noble World Records. They have numerous purposes, including preliminary legal judgments, to determine applicant eligibility, or to assess contenders' performance in world record attempt.

    • Adjudicators responsible to Develop the NWR content of the book each year
    • Adjudicators responsible to Judge the NWR events i.e. attempting the world records
    • Adjudicator responsible to validate and submit witness form to NWR office with copy to directors if it is required.
    • Adjudicator responsible to consult with sports directors or directors for validation purpose only.